Dottie Henderson

Although we lived many miles from CHS for most of our homeschooling, we continued to be a part of what CHS had to offer.  I appreciated the organization and professionalism of the staff, the curriculum guidance, the accurate transcript, and the many opportunities our five daughters had in the way of sports, field trips, plays, etc.

Martha Royer

I joined CHS because I wanted support in several areas. I had a 3rd grade son and my oldest in 6th. CHS gave me not just the support and guidance I needed, but much, much more. Through the yearbook class and extra curricular activities, my sons found life-long friendships, careers, and even a spouse! My sons are now 37 and 40 and they have told me how grateful they are that we homeschooled.

Debbie Peterson

We were in that first year of the school’s existence, and we early families were answering a call of God on our lives to do something different, something unheard of in that era. We had to make a real choice with possible legal harassment. Today, homeschooling is just one of many options available. The time that our 3 children were teens in CHS was unique and wonderful. They have maintained many of the friendships they made, even into their 30’s, as they have moved on, married, and moved away. We parents have maintained our friendships, too… some of our dearest friends!

Karen Hydanus

Homeschooling allowed us to make education fun and interesting for our children and teens, as well as scheduling flexibility. We chose a unit study approach. When we studied marine life, electricity and magnetism, or medieval history, each child was able to do it simultaneously at his or her own age appropriate level. We were able to give of our time to the community. Home education helped us be able to take time to nurture and grow our kids emotionally and spiritually into healthy adults who now invest into others. It was a decision which required much sacrifice on our part but which we have never regretted.

Kelly Garcia

Christian Heritage School was recommended to me by a friend to help me launch our homeschool. The wonderful advice, sound counseling, Christian community, and friendly environment provided the foundation that would become a 20-year career of homeschooling our five children. After living out of the state for many years, we enrolled our youngest child in CHS the very day we returned to California for her Senior year. We began and ended with CHS!

Hollie Brown

I love the fact that my children are grounded in the Lord. I feel homeschooling through Christian Heritage was directly responsible for leading me in achieving this. The support network of others with the same mindset was very encouraging and helped keep me going. Allowing my kids to pursue their strengths and the flexibility of daily time schedules allowed me to really enjoy watching them succeed at learning not just academics but life lessons.

Lori Smith

CHS provided a community of support, encouragement and resources with total freedom to choose methods and materials that met the needs of each of our children. The friendships we formed during our years with CHS are as vibrant today as they were a decade ago when our homeschooling days drew to a close.