Optional activities are planned to provide for educational enrichment as well as fellowship for both parents and children. They offer opportunities to fine-tune students’ social skills and help to quiet the fears of relatives and friends on the subject of socialization. The kinds of activities you can expect are:
• educational field trips
• park days
• reading incentive program
• end-of-year recognition events (diplomas for kindergartners, 6th, 8th)
• graduation ceremony and diplomas for senior high school
Activities are presented based on parent participation.


  • Christian Heritage School is in agreement with the objectives and goals of Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA) and is a proud CHEA Support Network member. CHEA is the Christian state-wide homeschool support organization. We encourage ALL homeschoolers in California to support CHEA by joining in membership. CHEA hosts an annual state-wide convention with keynote speakers, many diverse workshops, a large exhibit hall and used curriculum sale; we encourage homeschoolers to expand their educational training and be encouraged and supported by attending the convention.
  • Home School Legal Defense Association membership is required for all CHS enrolled families. HSLDA has lawyers on staff and provides quality legal defense for families who elect to educate their children at home, should they ever need it. We are able to offer a group discount rate to our members. We encourage ALL homeschoolers in California and across the country to become members, supporting the work being done to set precedent and uphold regulations that make homeschooling easier for all of us. If joining HSLDA for the first time (whether joining CHS or not), click on the link below to be taken to their online application page and to help support Christian Heritage.
  • CHS supports Family Protection Ministries with Nathan Pierce & Roy Hanson and their work to ensure California legislation that is favorable to homeschooling. Any funds received by CHS for FPM will be forwarded to them; however, we are not authorized to issue tax receipts. Tax-deductible donations to FPM can, however, be made through CHEA or sent directly to FPM.