To begin the registration process, download the Registration Application including the two continuation pages that need to be initialed. Please complete and send* all pages with your $20 application fee to the address shown. *Mail, hand-deliver, scan and email, fax… all methods are accepted!

Note: Registration for the new school year begins May 1st. After August 31st call the office to see if applications are being accepted. High school has specific timing restrictions—generally accepted at the start of each semester—so be informed prior to removing your student from classroom school.

Registration Application

(Ongoing members: Please use the Registration Renewal Form
available in the “Members Only” section.)

What Happens  Next?

After your application has been approved (which may include a personal interview), you will need to pay registration fees in full, the first month’s tuition installment (or tuition for the full year in advance if you prefer) and complete certain other paperwork before registration is finalized. Any required papers will be sent to you within a few days of application approval. Please be sure you have your student’s immunization record as this will be required before completion of registration.

Please note that the mandatory teachers meeting (Teacher’s Night Out) mentioned in our literature will be held during  the second  week  of the months we meet: September (all school), October , November, February April) (small groups);  January (all school reboot)  March (all school) –  There will also be optional opportunities for  Mom’s Night’s Out, Mom’s Book Club and informal park days/extra small group meetings as needed and as organized by our parents.

Join Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) within one month of registration. You will be given the group discount code for Christian Heritage as we process your application. Use the link on the sidebar.

TIP: When removing children from a public school we suggest you tell them you have chosen to enroll your student in private school rather than saying you will be homeschooling. Some public school personnel are quite supportive of home education but others are very antagonistic and may cause you hassle and grief.